Saturday, December 09, 2006

Maureen Child's Latest - Buy it Today!!!

Look what I picked up today!!! My buddy Maureen Child's latest Silhouette Desire, Beyond The Boardroom!! Isn't the cover gorgeous?

This is the final episode in the year-long Elliott family saga, and Maureen brings it to a rousing finish with warmth, humor and style!! To give you a little taste of that fabulous style, here's a mini-excerpt ...

"Okay then," Rachel Adler said, keeping her voice pitched to be heard over the thumping of running feet and the hum of the treadmill. "I've got you booked for dinner with Tawny Mason tonight at eight."

"At Une Nuit?" Shane Elliott asked, reaching for his water bottle, tucked beneath the cord at the head of the machine.

"Where else?" Rachel muttered with a little shake of her head. Why in heaven would he even ask? she wondered. Hadn't she been taking care of every detail of Shane's life for four years now?

"Good." Shane took a long drink of water and Rachel's gaze locked on the bobbing motion of his Adam's apple. Seriously, even the man's neck was sexy.

When he'd finished off the last of the water, he wiped sweat from his face with the towel looped around his neck and tossed Rachel the empty bottle. "And call ahead. Have Stash order in some flowers for, um..." He waved one hand in a silent attempt for help.

"Tawny," Rachel provided dryly as she set the empty bottle down on the floor beside her. For heaven's sake, the man couldn't even remember his date's name.

Plus, he knew as well as she did that Stash Martin, manager of Une Nuit, never missed a beat when getting the Elliott family table ready. There would, she knew, be flowers, champagne and some delicious appetizers just waiting for Shane and Tawny.


What kind of woman named her daughter Tawny? A stage mother, hoping for a starlet daughter? Or had the woman taken one look at her newborn baby girl and decided...future bimbo?

"Right." Shane nodded. "Tawny. She says her mother named her for the color of her eyes."

Rachel rolled her own green eyes.

Shane grinned at her and Rachel's stomach did a quick dip and spin.

If she could have managed it without looking like a complete idiot, she'd have kicked her own ass. Honestly. Why was it Shane Elliott who could turn her insides to mush with a simple smile?

Because he's HOT, that's why!!! Seriously, I can't wait to read the rest of the story! Nobody blends humor and emotion with a sexy love story like Maureen Child does, so do yourself a favor and buy this book today!!



Blogger Maureen Child said...

Aw, Kate..........THANK YOU!! Your check's in the mail!

6:37 PM  
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