Sunday, October 08, 2006

American Title Contest - Update

It's been a busy week for this little American Title III finalist. Now that we have a voting schedule, I've been twisting arms--er, gently persuading friends and family to vote for THE KAMA SUTRA CHRONICLES! I've been spreading the word around the various e-mail loops and letting people in my local RWA chapter know about the contest and I know all my fellow finalists are doing the same. And here's some great news! We've all been invited to blog with last year's AT finalists at their terrific blog site, Title Wave. They're posting one interview each day up until the first day of voting. FYI, my interview day is Sunday, October 15, the day before the voting starts. Check us out!

And for anyone who's been checking the Romantic Times website for information, nothing's been posted yet about the American Title Contest. I'm sure they'll be posting information soon because voting begins in one week. And once the voting period opens, I'll post a link directly to the contest site. Once you're there, you can read all the entries and vote--early and often! (Oops, one vote per e-mail address, please!)

Here's the official voting schedule:

Best First Line: October 16 - 29
Best Hero and Heroine: November 13 - 26
Best Story Summary: December 18 - 31
Best Dialogue Scene: January 22 - February 4
Best Romantic Scene: February 19 - March 4

The winner will be announced at the RT Book Lovers Convention in Houston in April!



Blogger Gina Black said...

Last year (if my memory serves me--and it often doesn't) nothing was on the RT site until the first day of voting. Then the bios and first lines went up with voting links.

One interesting (and BIG) change from last year: they said one vote per person. This year it's per email address. :)

5:00 PM  
Blogger Romantic Times BOOKreviews said...

Hi Gina,
I am curious who told you that. It is ONE VOTE PER PERSON. Thanks!

Web Manager

8:06 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Kate, thanks for the schedule! I'll be there voting for your book! I love your writing :-)

6:40 PM  

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