Saturday, December 16, 2006

D-Day Minus Two!!

I think that means we find out who went forward in the American Title Contest in two days. Monday, to be exact! This has been the longest time between voting periods, I'm afraid you'll all forget there's a contest going on. Don't worry, I'll remind you on Monday! (Even if I'm not the one going forward, I'll remind you to vote! *g*)

Meanwhile, on the Good News front ... I finished my Christmas shopping!! Yay!! Of course, now I'm staring at all these piles of goodies wondering who's going to wrap everything??

Last night I watched one of my favorite Christmas movies ever--well, really, it's one of my favorite movies, period. Love Actually. I love it because it has not one romance going on but like, six! Plus, it deals with every sort of "love story" out there, including unrequited love and betrayal and buddies (OMG, Bill Nighy and his manager, LOL) and I love Natalie who works for the prime minister, whose own father calls her "Plumpy," and the wonderful stepfather and son relationship and the slightly psycho Laura Linney character, plus the hilarious scene in the American bar with Colin and the girls.

I could go on and on. And the music is fabulous, too. I'm tempted to order the soundtrack ...

I also watched Miracle on 34th Street the other night. Simply fabulous.

Hey, I didn't mean to go on and on about holiday movies because Maureen blogged about it on Wednesday, but it seems I've worked my way around to it! So if we haven't talked about it already, let me know what your favorite holiday film is!

And don't forget to come back Monday when all will be revealed on the American Title front!!



Blogger Maureen Child said...

OhmyGod! How could I have forgotten Miracle on 34th street? The original, of course...AND, one of my all time favorites, also forgotten in my last blog..THE BISHOP'S WIFE!! Cary Grant--Angel-- oh yeah......

You'll make the next round Kate!!

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bishop's Wife is my fave. Goota love Cary Grant. But Love Actually is a fave, too. Each storyline tugs at my heartstrings in that movie. I can't even pick a favorite.


8:19 AM  

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