Wednesday, January 03, 2007

American Title Update ... and Books!

Voting for Round Three of the American Title contest has closed. The results are in. And I can't tell you anything!

Sorry to be such a tease. I can't say anything for three whole weeks. It's torture!!

So in the meantime, I've got a quickie review of a fabulous book I just finished.

Okay, RUN to your bookstore and buy this book!! Better yet, take the car! Go now. I mean it. Susan Mallery's Sizzling is wonderful!! I couldn't put it down, and that's no line. I laughed and I cried. That's no line, either. Reid Buchanan is simply the most wonderful hero, an ex-baseball star who finds himself the target of a disgruntled reporter who's written an article about him entitled "Good in Bed? Not so Much."

Lori Johnson is a heroine I can totally relate to. She's a nurse who's been hired to care for Reid's grumpy grandmother and ends up charming the entire household with her humor and down-to-earth charm.

You will love this book!! It's the third in Susan's Buchanan family saga and I'm waiting impatiently for book four! Don't miss the whole series!



Blogger Michele Cwiertny said...

Hey, Kate!

Sounds like a fantastic book. Thanks! I'm putting it on my list.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the ATIII--Best of luck!


9:50 AM  
Blogger Kate Carlisle said...

Thanks Michele! And yes, I think you'll really enjoy Susan's latest!

5:58 AM  
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