Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Adventures of Suzette

It's Thursday, which means my girlfriend Suzette is lining up her adventures for the weekend. Her boyfriend works long hours so she's always looking for something new and fun to do.

An "adventure" for Suzette can be almost anything, from a La Perla underwear party (with swag), to a mani-pedi (with cocktails), to a jog in Palisades Park (where she once bumped into Kyra and Kevin), to attending the latest Donald Trump wealth seminar for the free box lunch.

By the way, that seminar was informative and the box lunch was a real deal.

Don't get me wrong, Suzette doesn't mind paying an entrance fee, but there should be some fun swag or a cocktail or two--or a box lunch--as a reward. My girl has standards, after all!

Here's what's on her list for this weekend ... so far ...

The Sassy Spring Sale at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica. Here's the deal: you pay a few bucks and you get in earlier than the crowds, plus you get free makeup and goodies from Frederick's of Hollywood. Suzette loves Frederick's of Hollywood! Plus there are all sorts of deep discounts on jeans, jewelry, clothing, makeup, plus - hello, it's the Fairmont Miramar, which is a fabulous hotel for sipping cocktails by the Koi Pond!

If the discounts aren't deep enough or the Koi Pond has been drained and Suzette feels stressed or depressed, she's thinking she might pop down the street for a little Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It's supposed to be better than Ambien for a good night's sleep. Check it out! And have a good weekend!


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