Wednesday, April 11, 2007

TV Talk

I realized last night that I’ve never blogged about my favorite television shows. Isn’t that weird? I’m such a TV fanatic. I especially love reality shows, the cheesier the better. There's American Idol, of course. I can't miss it. This season isn’t the greatest but how can you not watch? With the horror of Sanjaya singing each week, it’s like smashed cars and bodies strewn across the freeway. You can't dare look away!

And here's a dirty little secret. I watch the Pussycat Dolls auditions. Yes, I do. And I love America’s Next Top Model. And I can’t wait for the next season of Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance. It’s a sickness, but I love them all.

So why haven't I blogged about TV?

I think it's because my favorite shows don't really match up with most of my friends’ favorites. I love my friends and want to keep them, so I usually shut up, keep a low profile and rarely mention that I think Grey’s Anatomy is boringly angsty and full of blah blah blah. And Lost? It lost me somewhere during the second show.

And I swear, I’ve tried and tried to watch Gilmore Girls but it leaves me shaking my head. Everyone says their dialogue is the best on television but all I can think is, nobody talks like that in real life. It's all too cute—not in a good way—and they talk so fast, it’s annoying. Oh, it's probably not their fault. It's me. There's something wrong with me.

But anyway, now that I’ve dumped on everyone’s favorite shows, I won’t blame you if you snort in contempt when I reveal the name of one of my very favorite shows on network television.

Boston Legal.

Is it just me, or is James Spader not the sexiest guy on TV? He is!

And William Shatner is so funny, utterly inappropriate and completely loveable.

And hello, Mark Valley! Keen Eddie, anyone? Yum! And that absolute cutie, Gary Anthony Williams. I loved him as Smart Brother in Undercover Brother. On Boston Legal, Gary plays a lawyer with multiple personalities. There's Clarence, Clarice, Clevant, and occasionally, he's Oprah. He’s hilarious and heart-breaking. And last night, Shelley Berman was back as the senile judge in the episode’s main trial scene. I love Shelley Berman! What great casting!
But the best part of Boston Legal is the last scene of the show. Every week, James Spader and William Shatner sit out on the balcony and commiserate about their day. They smoke cigars and drink scotch. The dialogue is often profound. The acting is brilliant. You know they love each other, no matter what happened earlier in the show. It is simply the best moment of the TV week and I'm pretty sure it's the reason God created Tivo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Carlyle,

Yes, I agree James Spader is a yumster, Gary Anthony Williams is an adorably soulful sister/brother and William Shatner is a refreshing wackdoodle from outer space. I too look for the profound wisdom from the courtroom and final scenes of the show, because, hey, if we can't get our inspiration and guidance from our favorite TV shows, where the hell are we going to get it?

Yours truly,

Ermaline T. Blumenhauser

P.S. Why do you always end your blog entries with "cheers?" Does that mean you are going to have another drink?

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Carlisle,

I am so sorry that I spelled your name wrong. Can you ever forgive me? I'm mortified and don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Respectfully yours,


10:00 AM  
Blogger Kate Carlisle said...

My dear Ermaline, how delightful to have you visit my humble blog! It's always lovely to chat with a fellow wackadoodle lover! And thank you so much for spelling my name correctly, if belatedly.

Yes, Ermie, ending each entry with "Cheers" does indeed mean I have a drink! I have a drink after every blog entry I make as well as every little comment I make, not only on my blog but on every other blog I visit. In fact, I'm about to pour myself another stiff one right now. Thanks again for stopping by!

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...


I couldn't agree more on the Idol and Grey's analysis. Idol is like a train wreck that I cannot get away from. My DH is a classically trained singer--and it about makes him nuts--but every week we are back for more punishment.

Grey's--Sorry but I hope to God that my doctors aren't that screwed up! Seriously!

I admit to not being much on Boston Legal--I think that it must be opposite something that my kids watch--and we haven't gone to the adventure that is TiVo.

I am a crime nut--so CSI, Law and Order and Criminal Minds are my absolute favorites. Besides then I get my Mandy Pakankin, Gary Sinise and William Peterson fixes. YUMMY!
I fell in love with sweet Mandy in "The Princess Bride" and haven't looked back. :)

Have a lovely day!

Husker Kim

1:42 PM  
Blogger Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Kim! Ooh, I completly agree with you on Mandy Patinkin! I love all the crime shows, too, and Criminal Minds is one of the best. Great cast and very creepy villains every week.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Maureen Child said...

Oh God......MANDY?? No, no, no... say it ain't so......he's far too deliberately sincere for me!

Now, David Boreanaz in BONES!! oh yeah. that's a yum....

5:39 PM  
Blogger Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Maureen! David Boreanaz, aka Angel??? Oh, yum is right!! Love him in Bones!

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Lawrencia said...

Good post.

7:14 AM  

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